Vanessa Tennyson &
Vanessa Tennyson &

Vanessa Tennyson '81

Founder | CEO
B.S. ’81 (Carlson School of Management)
Alumni Association Life Member

About Capitalize Your Humanity
As a professional business coach, Vanessa works with executives and senior leadership in the space between behavior and performance, to assist in the creative exploration of capabilities and effectiveness. She works alongside those who desire to be genuinely engaged in their work, committed to developing their awareness, and broadening their perspective.

Working 1:1 or in group sessions, her vision is to help people sincerely understand their
environment and relationships, and to imagine contextual and cultural equity in daily
interactions with others.

The ranks of coaches have swelled these past 10 years, however, certification and training has not been a requirement. Among this burgeoning field, there are life, motivational, accountability, career, and other variations of coaches, but relatively few professional coaches. As a professional coach, Vanessa is skilled in the art of asking insightful and explorative questions to suss out the understanding within. Once discovered, then growth can occur through truly engaging dialogue.

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About Vanessa
Described as “Fierce and Fabulous”, Vanessa has over three decades of C-suite executive experience in professional services, non-profit management, human resources, financial management, administration, and operations.

Her skills in organizational development helped remake her professional services firm from break-even to highly profitable. She is a catalyst for developing individual talent by embracing empathy, clarity, and open communication as the foundation for authentic leadership.

As a transgender woman, Vanessa offers a rare perspective experiencing both male and female gender roles as an employee, manager, executive and business owner. With astute active listening skills, Vanessa is able to help clients discover the true basis for blockers, issues or concerns, and shine a light on what change looks like for them. She provides a framework, accountability and meaningful feedback to accelerate individual performance.