Jesse Abelson &
Jesse Abelson &
Jesse Abelson &

Jesse Abelson '17, Brie LaPlante '19, and Dalton Schutte '17

Jesse Abelson
B. S. '17 (College of Food, Agricultural & Natural Resource Sciences)
B. S. ’17 (College of Biological Sciences)

Brie LaPlante
B. S. B. '19 (Carlson School of Management)

Dalton Schutte
B. A. '17 (College of Liberal Arts)

Alumni Association Members

About Vetiver Solutions
Vetiver Solutions is a small Minnesota-based company working to grow a poverty-free Haiti, starting at the root. The company was founded by Jesse Abelson, Leeore Levinstein, and Dalton Schutte after participating in a public health Grand Challenge Course during undergrad. Since then, the team has grown their partnership with Haitian farmers to develop sustainable agricultural practices that protect the environment while creating new income opportunities in their communities. In collaboration with farmers in the village of Moreau, Vetiver Solutions sources honey, beeswax, and vetiver grass for their natural products -- all of which are farmer-led initiatives to prevent soil erosion and lessen the effects of deforestation in their mountainous rural region. Headquartered in St Louis Park, MN, the company has been selling bee products in the U.S. since 2019 to support their partner farmers.

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