Zachary Kuebler &

Zachary Kuebler '21

B.S. '21 (College of Design)
Alumni Association Member

The University of Minnesota Alumni Association​® partnered with the College of Design to give students the opportunity to work on a real-life design challenge — creating the 2021 Maroon Shirt. Professor Abbey Kleinert approached Dan Burdeski, Alumni Association senior art director, about partnering on a potential project for her class. After talking, it was clear that the 5th edition Maroon Shirt was the perfect opportunity. Working on the project gave students first-hand experience in how to work with a client, understand their needs, research ideas, and pitch their designs.

Zachary Kuebler (B.S. ’21) was among 14 students to develop original concepts for this year’s shirt. Ultimately his retro “Gophers” design was selected as the best fit for the alumni audience and the Alumni Association’s mission. Zach is looking forward to landing a position in graphic design that will help him develop his skills and knowledge of the field.

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