Calendula Baby Balm
Calendula Baby Balm

Calendula Baby Balm

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This balm is made with carefully chosen herbs that are reported to heal diaper rashes as well as chapped, irritated and dry skin.  And it’s cloth diaper safe! Lavender, Sweet Orange and Tangerine essential oils contribute both their skin-loving properties as well as their comforting aroma.

Even though we currently don’t have any babies in our family we use this balm for almost EVERYTHING!  Any skin irritations, dry skin, rashes, burns (soothes pain and reduces scarring), bug bites (reduces itch), cuts and scrapes (aids in healing while reducing scarring)!

This balm has also been reported to heal dry and cracked skin for patients going through chemo.

Ingredients: Organic Olive and Grapeseed Oils infused with: Calendula, Chickweed, Goldenseal Root, Plaintain Leaf and Myrrh Gum, Beeswax, and an Essential Oil blend. NET WT 1.5oz

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