Lott Body Bar
Lott Body Bar
Lott Body Bar

Lott Body Bar

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From alumni-owned Siena Soap:

In honor of our late beautiful daughter & sister, Leah- an acclaimed violinist, singer & songwriter known by LOTT we created this all natural, aromatic body bar that will be music to your skin & senses with earthy, sweet undertones in Leah's favorite colors. Black and gold. ALL the profits from this bar help to fund our LOTT Foundation to provide children in need throughout the Twin Cities with stringed instruments. The LOTT foundation was started to honor Leah’s beautiful legacy. 

We tragically lost Leah in December of 2020. The same year she officially joined the Siena Soap team making our mother/daughter company complete. Leah is missed so dearly by our family. But she is remembered by many more because Leah cast a wide net of many friends, working partners, and those in the music world. We all miss her quick witted humor, insanely talented music, knowledge on all things sports, rad fashion style, outstanding culinary talents, her unending devotion to family and friends, and her generous soul. Leah made everyone's world a brighter, more colorful place. Leah left us with a beautiful legacy. We plan to keep her legacy alive with the LOTT FOUNDATION.

Mary Ottman
M.P.H. '93 (School of Public Health)
Alumni Association Member

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