Graduate the U Board Game - University of Minnesota Twin Cities Edition
Graduate the U Board Game - University of Minnesota Twin Cities Edition
Graduate the U Board Game - University of Minnesota Twin Cities Edition
Graduate the U Board Game - University of Minnesota Twin Cities Edition

Graduate the U Board Game - University of Minnesota Twin Cities Edition

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From Orientation to Graduation - live the adventure that is the University of Minnesota!

GraduateTheU™ is a fast-paced, hilarious board game that blends fun, fact and lore of the University of Minnesota with a variety of zany campus experiences. You and your friends will experience the University of Minnesota like never before! Travel around campus, earn credits, gather tips and hints, all while experiencing first-hand the trials and tribulations that student life can throw at you.

Gophers everywhere, GraduateTheU is the game for you!

Whether you are a proud University of Minnesota Alum ready to relive fond memories, a bright-eyed freshman setting foot on campus for the first time, a proud Gopher parent, grandparent, sibling or a life-long Gopher fan – start up a game and enroll! In a race to graduation, be the first in your class to explore the Twin Cities campus and earn enough credits to graduate on the beautiful lawn of Northrop Auditorium. Be wary though as every decision can send you well on your way to graduation or lead to unexpected distractions. Will a polar vortex make you late for your 8:00 am physics test or will you discover the free University Circulator and arrive early? Will you easily navigate the endless maze of tunnels known as the Gopher Way and receive extra credit or become hopelessly lost? Discover how much you do... and do not... know about the U of M.

Bridgette Sieffert
B.C.E, M.S.E.C.E. '21 and 22 (College of Science and Engineering)
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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Christina Bensus

I’m so excited to give this gift to my daughter who is graduating!!!

Fun game and unique gift

I just saw your interview on Kare11. With a daughter in her sophomore year at the U and a high school senior being a potential gopher, I ordered one of your games. As a board game playing family, this will definitely be a fun game and a unique gift. Good luck to you all with your business!

Perfect gift!

We have a grandson in his first year at the U. He wants to be a doctor. As grandparents we are very proud of him. When I saw the news on Kare 11 for Graduating the U game, I knew it was the perfect Christmas gift.

Everyone loved the game!

Everyone loved the game!!! My grandma got the GTU card about your grandma accidentally Venmoing tuition & she laughed really hard. My dad liked how the GTU cards set you up for one thing & then flip it on you, like the cop stops you on the light rail but SIKE you get off free & then pass your final!

Great memories, bad game

If you like well designed, strategic, asthetically appealing games (Settlers, Takenoko, Azul, Kingdomino) do NOT buy this game. It is way overpriced for the design art, simplicity of play and lack of detail in the directions. I received it as a gift, but would personally not pay more than $20.
Our newly packaged box was missing a set of academic advisor cards, and in only one game we had a half dozen questions which the directions did not address. The creators failed to anticipate the myriad of situations players could find themselves in; the instructions were absent at best, and confusingly vague in specifics of how to resolve GTU cards, which led to an inability to play strategically. The majority of the game is already left up to chance with regards to the dice and accruing of credits randomly from cards drawn. The lack of strategic options truly limits enjoyable repetitive play.
This is either a good game for a Candyland-loving player or game you play once a decade for the memories - neither of which are worth $60.
As a UMN alumnus, I was excited to play this game, but it was so visually and intellectually disappointing. I generously gave it 2 stars only because a few of the property cards taught me some UMN history I hadn't learned while there and it was fun reminiscing about some of the buildings.
Should someone create a historic UMN game with strategy and beauty, I would be very thankful. As for this game, I'm just thankful I didn't personally purchase it.

Thank you, Katrina, for your feedback! We are sorry to hear you did not enjoy our game. If you email us at with your address we will happily send you the missing pieces. Additionally, here are helpful links to our FAQ and game content pages to answer any questions. If you can’t find an answer here, please email or call us!