Innocence - Scent Free Soap
Innocence - Scent Free Soap

Innocence - Scent Free Soap

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Rub-a-dub-dub, Siena Soap and baby in the tub. Make your beautiful baby’s skin even softer with the silky smoothness of this all-natural, handmade soap bar. Made with skin-loving ingredients, it cleanses your baby’s skin just the way nature intended.

Made with 90% Virgin Olive Oil, this castile bar is safe and gentle for your baby’s first bath or for those with the most sensitive skin. Also works wonderfully as a gentle facial bar! Organic honey and goat milk are added for their nourishing and soothing properties. No essential oils were added for aroma. This bar is pure and simple!

To help this bar live its longest life, please store on a soap dish and let it dry in between uses.  Please do remember that Natural Soap means no chemicals, so we cannot add the chemical-filled numbing agents to our soaps to make them tear free!

Ingredients: Contains saponified, 90% Organic Olive Oil, Palm Christi, Goat Milk, and Local Wildflower Honey. 4oz.

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