Large Bead Matte Mookaite Stretch Bracelet - Market Exclusive
Large Bead Matte Mookaite Stretch Bracelet - Market Exclusive

Large Bead Matte Mookaite Stretch Bracelet - Market Exclusive

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This matte maroon and gold stretch bracelet is the perfect way to show off your U of MN pride, as it was designed exclusively for the MN Alumni Market as part of the UMAA 120th Anniversary Collection. All bracelet colorations vary slightly due to the natural variations of the stones.

Materials: matte Mookaite semi-precious stones, 14k gold-fill (see descriptions below)

Length: 8” on stretch cord (One size fits most)

What is Mookaite?
Mookaite also known as Australian Jasper, is found in only one location in the world-
near Mooka Creek, in Western Australia. “Mooka” is an aboriginal word that means
“running waters.” It gets its beautiful range of colors of maroon, yellows, and purples
from the presence of minerals like manganese and iron that seep into the sediment.

Mookaite ’s metaphysical properties are believed to be beneficial for those embarking on changes by aiding in increased intuition and self-confidence, a sense of stability. It also can aid in anxiety by providing a sense of peace and calm. Overall, it supports taking risks without fear since it is a grounding and protective stone.

What is gold-fill?

Gold-filled materials are made by heat and pressure, bonding a 5%
layer of karat gold to a base metal. Gold-fill has an actual layer of karat gold that is
about 100 times thicker than plated gold which has about .05% gold. These pieces can
often last a lifetime without tarnishing.

Yen Chee
B. S. ’03 (College of Design)
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Nancy Gross

Love the matte finish, and that these stones are naturally maroon and gold!