Magnesium Oil
Magnesium Oil

Magnesium Oil

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Get your body restored on magnesium at the cellular level with our scent free Magnesium Oil spray.  It is easy to use and rapidly absorbed into the skin and underlying tissues! Comes in a 2 oz bottle.

What are the Benefits of Magnesium Oil?

Magnesium is a master mineral. Getting sufficient magnesium can be one of the keys for health and longevity. Most people today are severely deficient in magnesium, getting less than half of what their ancestors did only a century ago. In a Palaeolithic diet, the calcium to magnesium ratio used to be about 1 to 1. On the Standard American diet, it is more like 15 to 1.

Magnesium is suggested to be essential for your energy, cell growth, nerves, muscles and heart and arterial system. It can help you to relax both physically and mentally. Magnesium reportedly dissolves excess calcium in the body and it is antagonistic toward aluminum, cadmium, lead, mercury and nickel, so it may be essential for good health, especially if you live in a polluted environment.

The reported benefits of Magnesium Oil are said to be:

  • Improves sleep quality.

  • Calms overactive nerves, relieves stress.

  • Helps relieve Migraines.

  • Boosts energy level.

  • Helps your hair grow faster.

  • Reduces Anxiety.

  • Strengthens immune system.

  • Hydrates and strengthens skin.

  • Helps proper muscle function.

  • Relieves aches, pains and muscle spasms.

  • Improves bone strength and protects from loss of bone.

  • Helps protect and recover from arthritis.

  • Important for recovery from many other degenerative diseases.

  • It is an essential alkaline mineral for detoxification.

Please note that the first couple uses of Magnesium Oil can feel a little tingly on your skin but this is normal and will go away after initial uses. Please note this is more a liquid base spray than oil based.


This is not an oil, but water highly saturated with magnesium chloride so it does not leave an oily residue. Spray the Magnesium Oil directly on the skin and allow to dry. Your body will absorb only what it needs. You may experience itching for a few minutes. This may diminish with continued use but it can be rinsed off after 20 - 30 minutes if skin is sensitive. Apply liberally to arms, legs and areas of pain or muscle spasms in the morning and evening or as needed. If your skin feels dry, moisturize with a natural body butter or lotion to hydrate the skin after the Magnesium Oil has dried. Listen to your body and allow time for your magnesium levels to improve. 

Ingredients You Can Pronounce:

Magnesium chloride and other naturally occurring trace minerals, distilled water.

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