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MN Candle
MN Candle
MN Candle
MN Candle

MN Candle

Woodchuck USA

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Ah, the sweet scent of the MN pine. This soy based candle has our state as a cutout on the top of the cedar wrapped container. Each candle is a celebration of MN as the gentle scent of pine fills the room. This will remind you of your days at the cabin, on the North Shore or just being outside in our great state. Great gift for any Minnesotan!

These are all made from real wood, so no two are the same. As always, Woodchuck plants a tree for every item sold. So, it's also good for this planet that we love! Your product will include a code you can enter on Woodchuck's website to see exactly where your tree was planted.  

Product Details:
Made with soy wax grown in the United States.
50 hour burn time.
Wax is solid white.
This candle works on a candle warmer.
Fireproof container wrapped in real wood.
Wood is engraved with laser precision for a permanent finish.

Exterior Dimensions: 3" Wide x 3" High x 2" Deep

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