LECA Bag - Market Exclusive

LECA Bag - Market Exclusive

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Caught the LECA bug? This bag’s your ticket to turning every pot into a party. Perfect for when you’ve officially decided soil is so last season, your plants deserve the fun of frolicking in clay pebbles. Plus, with less time spent on plant care, you’ll have more time to treat yourself!

So, dive into the deep end of LECA love—because let’s face it, the only thing better than LECA is more LECA. Approximately 1 pound of LECA, enough for 2 - 3 small plants.

LECA (Lightweight Expanding Clay Aggregate) is a growing medium that allows you to grow plants without using any soil whatsoever. Benefits of growing plants in LECA include:

  • Reduced risk of pests
  • Easier plant care
  • Less week-to-week maintenance (go 2 weeks without watering your plants!)
  • Reusable growing medium

***No pot, nutrients, or starter plant included. You get the fun of choosing your own pot and plant.***   LECA Nutrient Pack and the LECA Addict Starter Kit are sold individually.

Please refer to this guide to find the information you need for success. 

If you have any questions or need help troubleshooting, please send our alumni maker a message on Instagram @leca.addict.

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