LECA Nutrient Pack - Market Exclusive

LECA Nutrient Pack - Market Exclusive

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New! LECA Nutrient Pack -- now sold separately

When cultivating plants in soil, fertilization during growth periods is sufficient. However, with LECA (Lightweight Expanding Clay Aggregate), consistent fertilization is imperative as it lacks inherent nutrients. The LECA Addict Nutrient Pack includes a comprehensive 4-bottles of nutrients accompanied by detailed instructions for optimal usage in Semi-Hydroponics.

  • General Hydroponics Rapid Start
  • General Hydroponics FloraMicro
  • General Hydroponics FloraGro
  • General Hydroponics FloraBloom

***No pot, LECA, or starter plant included.  LECA Addict Starter Kit and LECA Bag sold separately.

Bonus: you can use it on plants in soil too!

Please refer to this guide to find the information you need for success. 

If you have any questions or need help troubleshooting, please send our alumni maker a message on Instagram @leca.addict.

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